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LoRiser Lifts

Designed And Engineered To Be The Safest, Most Productive Method To Perform Wheel Service And Brake Work On Heavy Transportation Vehicles and Sanitation Trucks.

The LoRiser Lift is a new concept in lifts designed for fleet maintenance shops that perform brake, tire, and suspension work on heavy trucks and buses. LoRiser Lifts provide a fast, safe, and convenient way to raise vehicle wheels clear of the floor for repairs, and to quickly lower the vehicle back to the floor when work is complete. Compared to conventional methods (jacks & axle stands) this is much faster (cost effective), safer in use (locking system included) and allows more work flow thru the shop.

LoRisers Lifts provide a cost effective, environmentally safe alternative to full-height inground lifts at less than half the cost of a traditional inground lift.

LoRiser lifts are the ideal companions to mobile column lifts. Column lifts are not well suited for brake and tire work as they lift vehicles by the wheels. Shops with mobile column lifts and LoRiser Lifts will be equipped to efficiently perform ANY job. This combination affords optimum flexibility without a dedicated lift bay and insures maximum productivity of both shop time and labor savings.